Ebsoft - everything from one source

We supply matched components of labels and ribbons, ensuring consistent quality.

The labels supplied by ebsoft (paper, plastic, etc.) are protected by a high-gloss, smooth surface layer. Apart from an optical enhancement of the marking, the following properties are additionally improved:

  • Consistent quality of printing properties with toner or thermal transfer ribbons, even on pre-printed surfaces.
  • The coating is matched to the toner of the laser printer and the thermal transfer foils of the printer.
  • When using thermal transfer printers, all types of labels can be printed with the same quality with one ribbon.
  • Protection against mechanical stresses such as: UV radiation, Moisture etc.
  • A strong adhesive guarantees good adhesion even on rough surfaces

ebsoft supplies blank labels in various formats made of PE and paper for industrial markings tailored to the requirements of the chemical industry offer the following properties:

  • PE, Paper white matt
  • Special surface protection: Surface primer for a UV-wiper and weatherproof toner anchorage
  • High quality permanent technical adhesive for difficult surfaces



ebsoft offers a range of specialty labels to meet all customer requirements. From paper labels to elaborate hologram labels, we deliver everything:

  • Hologram labels to protect brands and products against counterfeiting and counterfeiting
  • Barcode labels with consecutive numbering
  • Energy label for wine coolers and refrigerators. The removable adhesive guarantees a residue-free removal of the label

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